Messy Innovation

Team Building, Innovation, Idea Generation

Does your Team need some laughs?  

Do you need some inspiration?

Do your colleagues need a boost in their creative and innovative thinking? 

Mess It Up™ is teaming up with Be More Now to bring Messy Play to Adults!

Contact to see how we can help build your team, bring some laughter, while stimulating creativity and innovation in your workplace.

We run creative messy workshops which will get your whole team thinking outside the box, using all their senses and therefore stimulating more areas of their brain, to help them come up with new ideas to boost business.

Messy Innovation is a series of facilitated workshops run in Auckland, designed to unleash your teams creativity,  take them out of their comfort zone, reap the benefits of taking some risks in amongst gloop and paint.

We often run alongside design thinking workshops.

It will make for better work stories.

Why should the kids have all the fun?

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